Scalp Micropigmentation
The procedure which will change your life! According to the statistics 60% of all men face the premature baldness in different forms.
What is tricopigmentation?
Tricopigmentation is a revolutionary technique with the use of high quality natural pigment deposits, tricopigmentation artist Anna Kara creates the illusion of a full head of hair follicles, fashionably styled in a buzz cut look or a razor shaved hairline.

Anna Kara uses sterile precision needles with very fine points to deposit natural pigments into the epidermal layer of the scalp to mimic the growth pattern of hair follicles. These pigments are of the highest quality to ensure zero irritation. Custom pigment shades are mixed and matched for complete alignment with the skin tone of the client for a perfect 'finish'. On an 'as needed' basis, multiple pigment shades are also deposited to create what best suits the client's facial structure and skin tone.

Anna Kara is an active member of Association of Micropigmentation. Also constantly improve her skills at master classes with the best specialists of their craft.
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How much does tricopigmentation cost?
Prices are always determined for each client specifically. Every client is different and has specific needs. Therefor we recommend our clients to book a consultation to establish the cost for their treatment.
We do have a general structure for our prices which is based on the areas to be treated on the scalp. Prices vary from around $500 up to $1,500 and in the case of total alopecia this can be up to $ 2,000. Prices are calculated on an individual basis as most people have huge variations in hair loss and the areas to be covered can be very large or small depending on the individual.
Special care post treatment products are included in the price.
The difference between Hair Tattoo and Tricopigmentation?
The main difference is the durability over time of the treatments that are performed with these techniques. A tattoo is permanent while Tricopigmentation/Scalp micropigmentation is designed not to be, this is so that the faded blueing effect associated with tattoo's is avoided.
With Tricopigmentation, the colour remains in perfect condition for a period ranging from 8 months to 12 months after which it will need a top up/touch up treatment to maintain the proper colour. This is a very important feature of advanced Tricopigmentation technology and clearly distinguishes it from simply tattooing the scalp
The Scalp Tattoo is a permanent technique, colour and shape deteriorates over time, causing undesirable and unnatural effects. Think of a blurred / faded old tattoo!
After several years a scalp tattoo tends to look more like a grey-blueish even shade rather than real hair follicles. The only way to remove the tattoo is with a special laser treatment. Which is expensive and can take several costly sessions to complete.
Tricopigmentation allows the client and technician to modify or refresh the result as and when needed. If the clients decides it does not want to keep the tricopigmentation he or she can simply let it fade away within 2-3 years.
The replication of real shaven hair on the scalp is a highly specialised process, and should only be attempted by those with specific knowledge in this field.
Who is micro hair pigmentation suited for?
Men and women with complete hair loss. Men who already have a shaven look / shaven haircut, but want more density effect
Men and women with hair loss where the skin is just starting to show. Scars soften after an FUT or strip hair translating.
Does getting a Tricopigmentation hurt?
We work very superficial (less then 1mm) the discomfort level is normally leveled at minor and very temporary pain/irritation. After the treatment any discomfort disappears almost immediately.
Clients are allowed to take regular pain killers (not asperin however) about 1 hours prior to the treatment.
During the treatment we apply a topical numbing agent in order to reduce further any discomfort.
When is a touch up session need?
Treatment includes 2 or 3 session it depends from every client needs. Since we only use temporary pigments, we recommend touch ups between 8-12 months for shaven look, 12-24 months for density enhancement. During touch ups, which usually last 1-2 hours, fresh pigments are placed, making the result stay sharp and fresh looking!
The time between touch ups all depends on your lifestyle. Athletes who sweat every day and leave their pigments unprotected to sun exposure return after only eight months for a short refreshment of the pigments. Touch up is cost 50% off from first session. The longer you wait for freshening up, the more work it will take.
Just after treatment, how do I look like?
Just after treatment, the scalp may seem somewhat reddisch, looking like a minor sunburn. The redness will, depending on your skin type, fade completely after 1-2 days.
After care – this can make or break your result?
Failing to follow up on our after care program can lead to pigment fading, pigment 'bleeding', pigment discoloring. Up to 7 days after the treatment:
- Avoid contact with chlorine or salt Walter
- No sauna
- No sporting or any other activities that lead to sweating!!!! Extremely important!
- Do no wear any helmets
- No Sun bathing or Sun bed usage
- While in the sun for +15 minutes use sun cream factor 30+
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